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Benefits of French Door Design

French-Door-BasicsInterestingly, French doors are also called French windows. In simple terms, French doors come in varying lengths, and comprise of different panels of glass. Most French doors are manufactured in pairs, and come hinged with either an out-swing or in-swing.

It’s worth mentioning that these doors are used as both exterior and interior doors. These doors often link to rooms, like a dining room and adjacent living room. These doors also commonly provide easy access to patios, gardens and balconies.

Who Invented French Doors?
Though credit can’t be given to any individual, French doors are considered to have been invented centuries ago. It’s believed that these doors were influenced by the Italian Renaissance architecture, and laid emphasis on symmetry and light. This style migrated to France after the 16th century’s Great Italian Wars.

During this period, aesthetics were combined with dependence on increased availability of glass and natural light. This increased the demand and popularity of French windows. Over time, these windows were expanded into doors.

Since glass was expensive and fragile, it was installed in the form of small panes with standard mullions in between. The door frames and mullions were generally manufactured from wrought iron or wood for structural stability and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of French Door Design

–       These doors offer a visual bridge between outdoors and indoors or adjoining rooms

–       They expand your warm-weather living space by simple opening out to a balcony, garden or patio

–       French doors allow sunlight in your home without letting the warmth escape. During summer months, it’s the opposite

–       They make a room look bigger

–       These doors bring in natural light to your hall or interior room, which doesn’t have any windows

–       French doors fill wide opening and create a flow between different rooms. Conversely, it enables adjoining rooms to be easily closed off from the other for heating or noise reasons.

Different Styles and Types of French Door Design
Originally, French doors could only be differentiated by their number of lights or panes. These days, they are available in a wide range of materials and styles. They range from 10-light styles to single panes set in frames manufactured from steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminium. The most common material is clear glass. Moreover, when you need some privacy, you can even use opaque glass.

Traditionally, French doors are hinged. In addition to this, you can also find louvered, pivot and sliding French doors. There’s a strong debate whether these doors can be considered authentic French doors or not. Regardless of the semantics, even these modern French doors are worth considering.

Using French Door Design
As mentioned earlier, French doors can be used for both exterior and interior. They are often used to provide you with easy access to outdoor living spaces. In most cases, exterior French doors are used as opening onto patios, balconies and gardens. Due to visibility, easy break ins and security concerns, these doors were not very common for front doors.

However, with advancements in technologies, these doors use better insulated and tougher glass. Thus, they are also used for exterior purposes. French doors can be effectively used interior as links between different rooms. Some homeowners even use them in non-traditional areas, such as bathrooms.

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Top Five Tile Trends for 2015

Custom tile is an area of home remodeling that readily lends itself to creativity and self-expression.  These five trends can be adopted for fireplaces, floors, backsplashes, bathrooms, tubs and showers, and a variety of other interior or exterior home-improvement projects.

bathremodelgreenvillescThis is one of the most time and labor intensive forms of tile since every small tile has to be perfectly fit into the larger scheme.  However, the end result is always worth it.  Black and white mosaic flooring gives your bathroom a retro vibe. Especially complex mosaic tiling creates a larger graphic design to make a big visual impact— whether a geometric 3D illusion or imagery such as a floral design.

Mixing small scale tiles with large scale tiles in the same color family creates a consistent but visually interesting aesthetic. On the other side, another trend is using only large format tiles through out an entire space— when used for bathrooms this creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Gray has been a hot color in home-remodeling for a few years now and the trend is showing no sign of dying out in 2015. Neutral tiles provide a quiet backdrop for your other design elements and are great for reselling a home since they are true classic (as well as a hot trend— a win win!).

Whether using one textured tile or mixing textures, this trend gives your home a modern edge. The most widely adopted texture is a wave-like tile used in showers that evokes moving water. This trend can also be adopted by combining smooth subway tile with a rougher unglazed tile in one room or area.

These zigzag patterns are not just for floors anymore, they are  popping up on walls and exteriors as well.  What is the difference between the two? A herringbone-pattern is made up of interlocking chevrons. Many attribute the return of the chevron to the 2011 Missoni for Target launch.

As you can see, a little tile goes a long way to transform your living space.

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Solid and Durable Dan-Wood Houses

Dan-Wood is a company that offers variety of constructions. But all of them have one feature in common – they are undeniably solid and reliable. When you need new house for your family, new cottage house or even a garage, you should choose one of the houses built by Dan-Wood. You will not have to wait for a long time for you new house to be build. Many years of experience let the company construct high quality houses during relatively short period of time.

Dan-Wood Houses

High Quality Materials

Yes, materials used for construction of Dan-Wood houses are of very high quality. They are safe and durable. Buildings made of that materials will stand for many, many years and will be in use by many generartions. If you are looking for a house not only for yourself, but also for your children and grandchildren, you should choose one of the solid houses built by Dan-Wood. Wooden house is a very good choice in this case. There must be a reason why wood is still very popular as a constructing material. It is durable and environmetal-friendly. And nowadays people care about the environment more and more. They choose materials that will do no charm to the ecosystem and wood seems to be obvious choice.

Low Costs and Flexibility

Solid houses built by Dan-Woodare popular not only for their durability but also because of high quality for the low pirce. Not only very rich people can afford comfortable, functional, spacious and good looking house. Now everyone can afford it. Wooden elements of Dan- Wood houses are easy to assemble and shape of the house can be personalized. If you have special needs about your place to live or some uncommon vision of how your new house should look like, Dan-Wood designers will willingly help you to make your dream come true.

Solid houses built by trusted architectscan be adapted for people with disabilities. So if you or any of your family members is in that kind of situation, choosing Dan-Wood company is the best solution for you.

Durability and Good Look

You should seriously consider buing one of the solid houses built by Dan-Woodif you are looking for a building that is durable and resistant to weather conditions. Timber is an excellent material, which is also easy to be shaped. As long as it is maintained properly, it is resistant to rain, snow, low and high temperatures. Think about old, antique buildings from medieval times. Many of them are still standing and they are still functioning as well. That is the best recommendation for the timber as construction material and for solid houses. Wood is known for its properties, durability and as construction material for thousands of years and is widely used till present times. It is noble material which looks and presents itself very good. It makes good impression on guests. Wooden beams look beautiful, cosy and timeless. Timber houses can be furnished in various styles. You are not limited only to antique furniture. Choose the style that express your personality.

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