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Maintenance Is Key To Good HVAC Operation

Heating and Cooling systems are important to the comfort of the occupants of every home. As with any mechanical device, such as a car, SUV or truck, proper HVAC maintenance should be performed on a regular basis. Doing so will keep temperature and humidity levels appropriate, air quality clean and energy bills low. A well maintained furnace and air conditioner can provide years of daily service to the home owner with just some basic attention from licensed air conditioning repair contractors.


Both furnaces and air conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned and if needed, repaired, before the start of each heating and cooling season respectively. One of the most important components to be inspected and routinely changed is the air filter. Both in the furnace and the air conditioner, the filter is responsible for trapping dirt, allergens, mold, fungus and other unhealthy air contaminants. As such, it should be looked at to see if it is dirty and requires changing. Depending on how much the unit is used and on what the manufacturer specifies, most companies recommend monthly filter changes.  Besides assisting with air quality, a clean filter helps the furnace or air conditioner to work more efficiently and use less fuel. This means lower energy bills for the home owner.

In addition, the licensed HVAC contractor should perform these maintenance checks on furnaces and air conditioners:

Furnaces have many electrical components even if they are powered by natural gas. Simply the Best Heating and Cooling technician will check the heater for breaks in wiring, failed electrical components and problems with the igniter. The cabinet and burner assembly should be thoroughly cleaned for maximum efficiency and to reduce fire hazards. He must inspect the blower and air ducts for any cracks or defects of any kind as these affect how well the furnace heats the home and how good or bad the air quality is.

Regarding air conditioning, the HVAC contractor will look at the refrigerant level, take leaves, dirt and other debris from an outdoor unit and check, clean and lubricate the fan and motor and evaporation coils. Electrical components, compressor and tubing should all be in good working order. Condensate, or moisture, routinely builds up in an air conditioner and must be pumped out. The technician will make sure that pump is performing to keep the humidity level comfortable in the home.

In addition, home heating and cooling is controlled by an important device called a thermostat. These days, most thermostats are programmable, allowing the home owner to determine when the house is heated and cooled. Temperatures adjust automatically for the times when people are not home or are sleeping. The HVAC technician can assist the home owner with adjusting these devices and will check them for proper operation.

For more information or to book a routine maintenance check, call your Heating and Cooling professional.

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Electric Heating Stoves Are Cost Efficient

When the weather is chilly it is good to know that you have a heating stove that can offer instant heat. It is not possible to install wood burners, pellet stoves or gas fires in many town houses or flats and the vast majority of the modern electric stoves are attractive and cost effective to run. If you already own an electric stove then you will already know that you don’t have to do anything but turn them on in order to warm up your home. These heaters are clean and efficient to use and many of them are made to look much like the traditional stove.

Many of the modern electric heating stoves are made to fit inside of a fire surround so that they make a focal point for the room. Compact electric stove heaters and electric fireplaces are quite popular in homes today. This type of heating has many advantages; you don’t have to stock up on wood or pellets and there is no grimy fireplace to clean out day after day. You simply plug in the electric stove and it gives off an instant heat. The majority of these stoves have artificial flames which create a very homely effect.

A lot of homeowners think that electric stoves are costly to run but in fact they are quite cost effective and the stoves look good in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens. A lot of the latest heaters have adjustable thermostats and many stoves are remote controlled which means that you can turn the heat up or down whilst you are sat watching your favourite TV program. The artificial flame or the log flame motion effect is an attractive feature and many stoves allow you to intensify the flame if needs be. Electric stoves have a lot going for them; they are portable heating devices and as such they can be moved around from room to room if necessary. If you are looking for an effective way of heating your home then it may pay you to go and look at the huge range of electric stoves that are on sale in the stores today.

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