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Your Home Is Your Temple

From the ancient times, people have always been interested in beautifying the space they live in. But the decorations and the home furniture we own have more than an aesthetic or a practical role. Have you ever wondered what makes a house become a home? Of course, there are memories and different events that make us develop an emotional connection to our house but how does it start? When we are moving into new houses, how do we make them our homes?


The most important thing when you envision your perfect home is that you can see yourself lying on that sofa, watching your favourite TV show, preparing dinner for your family in that beautiful kitchen, taking a long hot scented bath in that spectacular bathroom or watching the starry sky from that perfect window. In other words, the most important thing when planning your home furniture is to make it yours so that it reflects your own style.  The old Greeks used to build temples to honour their gods and they would design the temple accordingly to the god’s personality. Aphrodite would get flowers and pretty sculptures, Ares would get weapons and soldiers, Zeus would get thunderbolts and thrones and so on. Nowadays, our homes have become our temples and we have the possibility to transform them as we see fit, according to our individuality.

In order to plan your home furniture exactly as you desire it, there are a couple of tips which you may find helpful. Firstly, be informed. Know everything about trends, materials and designs available so that you can choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Secondly, just walk through the empty space and draw with chalk which piece of furniture you want to place where. Close your eyes take a deep breath and remember that you can have the house of your dreams because you are entitled to it. Then search the web for the furniture pieces you want in order to save time and have access to a great diversity.

A great website for home furniture is Edezeen where you can find not only exclusive spectacular pieces but also different styles and original designs. Also, at eDezeen you can get the expertise of an architect for free. The architects there will help you choose the perfect furniture and, moreover, they will design custom made products for you, in order to help you make your dreams come true. eDezeen has a selection of unique exclusive brands such as Boca do Lobo, Casamania, Ideal Sedia, Ciacci, Laurameroni, Moooi, Treci and many more others which, apart from being extremely qualitative, also benefit from unique stylish designs, bringing the elegant and glamorous style of Italian products into your home. Any interior design idea that you might have can become a reality when you have access to some of the best materials and furniture items in the world at very reasonable prices.

Design the temple of your home as you see fit and benefit from the expertise of specialists who are there to help you transform your house into a piece of art.

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