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Are Your Doors Burglar-Proof?

Your home is the one place in the world where you should be able to totally relax. This is the one sure place where you can enjoy total privacy, get away from the stresses of the world, and generally put your worries to rest. To make absolutely sure your home is a centre of peace and relaxation, you need to make it as secure as possible. Here are our best tips for burglar-proofing the doors in your home…

Keep it Solid

Door-Lock-KeyFrom Pixabay

At the very least, all your home’s exterior doors need to be totally solid and kick-proof. This means getting solid wood doors, or at least doors with a solid core to them. There are also various fibreglass and metal models you can choose from, but I’m sure you’ll agree that these are a little ugly. Furthermore, reinforced steel doors, while being totally kick-proof, need regular maintenance to stop them rusting. Have a look around your exterior doors, and consider how they’d hold up if someone were to kick them.

Install a Deadbolt
There’s an old saying that a door is “only as strong as its lock”. This is certainly true! If the lock on your door doesn’t extend deep enough into the frame, then even the thickest metal doors can be opened with one swift kick. To make sure your exterior doors are as secure as possible, it’s essential that all of them are fitted with dependable deadbolts. There are many options here, ranging from the simplest designs all the way to smart home locks like the ones that can be controlled by the Vivint Sky panel. If your doors don’t have deadbolts, then start shopping!

Go Windowless

Window-Glass-BreakFrom Pixabay

You might have the most secure deadbolt ever designed on your front door. However, if there’s a big enough window in your door, nothing’s stopping a burglar from smashing the glass, reaching through the frame, and unlocking your door just as easily as you lock it up at night. Yes, those big windows in your door may look appealing and let the light in. However, they’re also going to act as a temptation for thieves. Replace these with either a windowless model, or one with windows that are too small to reach through.

Don’t Forget your Frame
The door frame and doorjamb are just as important to your home security as the door itself, so make sure you’re not overlooking these either. Again, one hard kick to a poor-quality doorjamb or frame can cause your door to swing open like a clam. If the strike plate on your door frame is thin and weak, then it’s wise to install a deeper box strike. If you weren’t aware, that’s the steel box which houses your deadbolt when it’s drawn. Use high-quality screws that burrow fairly deep into the wall, rather than just a simple doorjamb. If you want to be 110% sure, you can reinforce the doorjamb itself with steel, helping it withstand any kicks or shoulder-barges that burglars might use to try and break in.

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Effectively Caring For Your Window Coverings

Custom window coverings for homes are obtainable in a broad assortment of shades, shapes and sizes, yet they all must be kept up after some time. Without proper upkeep, your window spreads could have damage that goes from minor to something that requires significant repairs, and moreover looking less appealing. These are some tips to keep your window covers in top condition.

Window Coverings

Since shades are routinely pulled close while the windows are opened up, they tend to assemble a tremendous measure of dust. At first, a few weeks, months or maybe even a year’s worth of dust won’t appear on your window covers yet in the event that they are left untreated for quite a while, that will start to affect their appearance, and after a short time you will find that your draperies ought to be changed. To abstain from spending cash and a great deal of effort, clean your draperies as often as needed. By attaching any sort of brush tip to your vacuum cleaner, and using a little exertion you can make the spreads last more.  You can learn more about customizing your Windows at Custom Window Coverings Toronto.

Clean all of fabric by itself and with thought to its individual needs. You can wash as frequently as you feel is required, however doing so once a month is more than adequate. How regularly you clean, generally, depends on upon the measure of the dust that can be discovered on and around the spreads.

Do not to put delicate and fragile fabrics like sheers specifically into your standard laundry cycle. The fabrics don’t have the strength to handle the machine washing process. You should instead wash all fragile window covers by hand and carefully rinse them after. Try not to wring them dry. It is ideal for you to wash them secured in another fabric like a pillowcase.

Constant streams of daylight always drop on your draperies and window covers for the term of a sunny day and you will soon find that the delicate fabrics have begun to wind up less splendid. Seek out shade liners while getting blinds from a window covers specialist. Linings can extend the lifespan of your draperies and spare you money in the long run. When possible make an effort not to utilize light conditioned or brilliantly shaded draperies or drapery liners on windows that are on the east side of your home as that is the place the sun is at its brightest.

The length of your window spreads can have impact their life range. In the event that they are longer than the available space and tumble to the floor, it is possible that you, a guest, or a little kid may accidentally tread on it. Kids particularly don’t regularly pay attention to where they’re walking around inside the home, and venturing on the edges of the window hangings more than once will yank them out of the tracks, which can rapidly bring cause major damage. Get the ideal and exact length and size for your draperies. Approach a window covers specialist for recommendations before picking the style and length. Article brought to you by window shutters Toronto.

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What Are The Weakest Safety Areas In Your Home?

Every home has weak points because they are hard to prevent. The truth is that you can’t stop someone entering your home if they set their mind to the task. All you can do is make your home look less appealing so that the risks outweighs the rewards. There are plenty of ways to do this, but the best option is to tighten up the weak areas in your home. That way, a burglar will have to expel more energy to break in and steal your valuables. And, when they have to work harder, they have to use up more time and run the risk of getting caught.

Here are the areas you want to check and improve if you find any issues.

Your windows might look like they are too small to fit a burglar, but the truth is burglars are smaller than you think. They can fit through a variety of gaps, and a window is their favorite. Any windows that are old need replacing. Old windows are prone to degradation, which means a small amount of force can easily break them. Plus, old windows tend to use single pane glass. Double glazing is much safer because a thief has to go through two panes of glass to smash a window.


Conservatory doors are the main culprits here. These doors are mainly plastic or made from a thin piece of material that is easy to shimmy open. Where possible, you want solid wood doors on the front and back of your property. Wood doors are much harder to break through because wood is rigid and durable. If you can’t, you need sturdy locks that are hard to break or pick. Thieves have a variety of tricks they can use to open a door, and you want to negate these tricks. A deadbolt is always a good bet because they are hard to break and impossible to pick.


Garage Door
Most garages are connected to the property, which means you can get into the house through the garage. Although this is common knowledge, homeowners persist with lackluster doors that are easy to open. In fact, some of them open up with a push. To avoid this danger, install electric gates and doors over any other alternative. Electric ones should only open up when you press the button. And, if you are the only one that has the button, no one should be able to open the door. A lock is another option, but that can affect your accessibility.

The Roof
The roof is a big one because most homeowners don’t know there is a problem with the roof. After all, you can’t see it until you are up there. Burglars can see it though because it is their job. And they will use the opening to get into the upstairs of your home and ransack the place. Your best option is to check the roof for any damage. If the slates are in place, and everything looks good, there should be no cause for alarm.

Take care of these four areas and your home will be much more secure.

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