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Advantages of Kwikset Door Locks

banner-kwiksetSecurity has become one of our main concerns. Burglars are getting smarter, so homeowners need to find new and better ways to protect their assets. This need is clearly reflected in the evolution of door hardware. Locks aren’t what they used to be a couple of decades ago. Today, we can easily control our door locks from our computers or mobile phones, we can re-key them without having to remove them from the doors and we can be informed as soon as an unauthorized individual breaks in. All these features and many others can be found in the door locks from Kwikset. You can read more about their advantages as discussed in this article.

Electronic Locks
Electronic locks add a layer of security to any door, thus making it harder for intruders to break in. Keyless access is both secure and convenient. You can use your personal code to unlock your door, thus eliminating the need for finding the key in your bag. If you have an active lifestyle, you are going to appreciate this.

Remote Access
How would you like to be able to unlock your house door right from your office? You could let your housekeeper in without having to give her a key, and lock the door after she leaves. The SmartCode with Home Connect Lock allows you to access your door lock from everywhere. You won’t have to worry about giving your house key to other people or about forgetting to lock your door ever again. Moreover, you can be notified when someone enters your home, so you are going to know when your child arrives back from school, for instance. This function can be programmed on any smartphone, tablet or other device with an internet connection.

Re-Key Technology
no-keysThanks to this technology, it is possible to re-key your door lock in only a couple of minutes, without having to remove the deadbolt from your door. The re-key process consists from four easy steps and it is clearly described in the instructions for use of your door hardware. This feature can be very useful in case you lose a key or you move house. Homeowners can easily re-key their locks whenever old tenants move out and new ones move in, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Lock Bumping and Pick Protection
This technology prevents intruders from bumping or picking your locks with the help of a specially-cut bump key. This level of protection is achieved via a special side locking bar that replaces the commonly used pin and tumbler mechanism.

All these features and many others make Kwikset one of the lock sets industry leaders, a trustworthy partner that cares for the security of their customers above all. If we were to define them in two words only, these would be security and convenience. With these door locks, protecting your house becomes easy, so you can have the peace of mind that your assets and your beloved ones will always be safe and secure, whether you are at home or not.

Reliable locksmith services for your lock and key needs. New locks can be re-keyed to match so that all your locks in your house match. You may also like to add a deadbolt for extra security. A locksmith can cut the holes and install the new lock. Breckenridge CO Locksmith provides locksmith services for your auto, home and business.

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Calling All Locksmiths: Ensure Your Skills Are Kept Up To Date

Calling All Locksmiths

If you’re currently working as a locksmith, we’ve one question for you – do your skills allow you to currently handle work with uPVC doors? Unfortunately, the answer from many will likely be no, with a whole host of locksmiths still stuck in the days of wooden doors, having failed to upgrade their skills to keep up with the ever changing market which now sees uPVC the most popular type of door installation in the UK. As such, MPL Locksmith Training are currently on a mission to ensure all locksmiths upgrade their skill sets and aren’t missing out on work due to not being able to carry out routine work on uPVC doors.

In terms of training in uPVC, it generally only takes a day to get yourself to a stage where you’re competent with the techniques needed to undertake such work and, if you’re already an experienced locksmith, you should have absolutely no problems at all in getting to grips with the approaches you’re taught. In short, it’s something which many locksmiths should have done years ago but it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut and simply fail to assign the time for continued professional development. It’s something which many know they need to, and should do, however something which many fail to do.

By training in uPVC locksmithing, you can be sure, as a locksmith, that it will only have a positive impact upon your business. Could you imagine taking a call for a job and not being able to undertake the work required? With more than more uPVC installations in UK households, this will happen on an increasingly more often basis over the coming years and, if you’re working for yourself, you generally can’t afford to turn down any work at all.

For as little as a day out of your regular role, it’s possible to expand and update your skill set and get up to scratch with uPVC work. It’s something which will not only take your business to the next level but ensure you’re not getting left behind by competitors and that, when you receive a call for uPVC work, you’re in a position to tackle it. It really shouldn’t be a question of if you book yourself on a training course but a case of when and from a business sense, it really will pay to ensure that this is sooner rather than later!

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Should I Attempt To Do Home Door Lock Repairs On My Own?

handle door lockMany people attempt door lock repairs by themselves in order to save money. While some of these repairs may seem simple on the surface, many times more harm can be done than good when trying to fix them yourself. What could have been a simple fix for a professional locksmith, it may now require a complete lock replacement if enough damage has been done by an amateur trying to repair the lock. Thus, there is more to being a locksmith than many think.

A locksmith must learn the tools necessary, the machines used, the locks and systems in the current marketplace, key recognition, panic hardware, electronic security, company security, home security, and tax information. The locksmith must also learn marketing, bookkeeping, employee information, security measures, pricing, and client relations.

home door lock diagramResources Used To Create This Article:

Being a locksmith entails a fair amount of knowledge regarding locks, keys, and security systems among other things. It is a craft which is becoming increasingly more advanced as the technology in addition to the laws are becoming increasingly more complicated. Therefore, locksmiths must be able to adapt to the current market and latest techniques.

Locksmithing requires at least a few thousand dollars in equipment and training. The cost will grow as the company grows, although some will start out with much less money in the beginning. If there is a locksmith considering specializing in different fields, there are various types of tools required for each field.

Besides the usual tools utilized in locksmithing, for example key making equipment as well as key blanks, a locksmith should be able to identify the different kinds of tools that are compatible with various brands and types of locks. The locksmith must buy key labels, drawers, and towers for the various types of keys that must be kept on hand.

Key cutters are required for these keys. There are several different types of cutters. These types of cutters include manual duplicators, semiautomatic duplicators, automatic duplicators, tubular key duplicators, and code cutters. Each of the key cutters previously mentioned range in price from $400 to $3000. There are also cutter wheels that cost around $40 to $300.

Pins must also be bought by locksmiths, as well as pinning kits, picks, tension wrenches, and sets. So, as you can see, the costs of becoming a professional locksmith can add up fairly quick.

Every locksmith that has had professional training will find out about IICO key making equipment and Kwikset locks. There are several new methods of altering and making keys as well. Many of these methods are being taught at vocational schools and training programs.

Above all, experienced locksmiths are able to assess the situation and decide on what repairs need to be done in order to fix the lock. This can actually save money in many circumstances. For example, an amateur may replace the entire lock when only a minor repair needed to be made. On the other hand, a lock can also be damaged if incorrect repairs are made to the system.

Customer relations are very important as well for locksmiths. It’s important to achieve the trust and also the respect of the clients to be able to keep up the company. The locksmith must learn to respect the customers’ solitude and private information. The locksmith must also learn how to communicate effectively with all the public.

If a locksmith learns on their own through private testing or books, he or she may not get the required credibility to earn their place in the business world. This will also carry liability issues as well as various risks. Knowing how to get access into people’s dwellings, vehicles, and businesses should be treated as highly secret information.

There’s a great deal of information for a specialist locksmith to learn, as is obvious. A lot of it may be kept by performing the same tasks over and over. For instance, several types of locks require similar tools to be used and methods for repair. However, a lot of information which cannot be retained, a locksmith will have to rely on other resources. These include manuals and guides that are often kept for reference in case needed at a later time.

In conclusion, there is much more to locksmithing than most believe and specific tools may be required to complete task. This is why it is important to hire a professional locksmith before attempting home door lock repairs on your own.

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